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Planning your Trip

Arrival and departure times

Greenwood Fest Pre-Fest Courses

Arrival time is 11:00 - 11:45 am, on June 5th.

Departure time is 1:30 - 2 pm, on June 7th.

Greenwood Fest Proper

Arrival time is 3:00 - 3:45 pm, on June 7th.

Departure time is 3:30 - 4 pm, on June 10th.

If you are registered for both sessions, of course you can just hang out in camp on June 7th. (But if you choose to drive out of camp between sessions, for supplies, say, remember to leave on the outgoing tide of departees, and return on the incoming flood of arrivals. One-lane road...)

Driving pointers

Pinewoods Dance Camp is at 80 Cornish Field Road, Plymouth MA 02360. In the past, GPS would put you in the puckerbrush or (worse, for us) up the driveways of easily irritated neighbors. Today that's less likely to occur (at least using Google Maps), but if you find that you are being urged to drive literally into the woods, stop and reenter 158 Halfway Pond Rd, Plymouth, MA 02360. You'll find yourself at the Faunce Church. From there turn up West Long Pond Road which you can see from the parking lot. Go half a mile, then turn right on Cornish Field Road. It's narrow and a bit unsettling, but stick it out for .3 miles and you'll be in camp.

By Air

Arrange your flight for Boston's  Logan Airport, about 50 miles north of Plymouth, if you plan to use public transportation to get to the Fest. T.F. Green Airport in Providence is just a little further, but public transportation to Plymouth is sketchy.

If you rent a car, plan on a 1.5 to 2-hour trip from Logan (or Greene) to Pinewoods.

Ground transportation

The Plymouth & Brockton bus is the easiest and cheapest option from Logan (or downtown Boston).

They require that you buy your ticket ahead. Here's the schedule and ticketing link. Get off at the Plymouth (Exit 5) stop.

Plymouth CRAFT volunteers will be shuttling folks from the bus stop in Plymouth on the morning of June 5th and on the afternoon of June 7th. (And back again at departure time, obviously.)

Uber and Lyft would probably work but be sure you have the above directions handy for the last 2 miles. Your driver will not be happy if GPS wedges the car between two pine trees.


Anyone who is interested will have to opportunity to get the contacts of those near them (or on the path) who are also interested in car-pooling. This has been really pretty successful in the past: cuts down on the parking apocalypse and you arrive in camp with new friends.

Parking = trouble

A perennial problem for this is event the finite and inadequate supply of parking spots, although Camp management is working to improve matters a bit each year.

The good news is you really have very little use for a car for your time at Greenwood Fest, and it makes a huge difference if we all work together upfront to try to coordinate travel as best we can.

  • we will pick you up at the bus stop from Logan;

  • we will help coordinate a ride to the car rental place if you want to travel after the Fest;

  • we will introduce you to friendly registrants who live in your region to set up ridesharing with, etc.

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