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Tim Manney

Tim began his spoon-carving career on a stump behind his college dorm. His obsession led him to live and work with Curtis Buchanan in Tennessee, learning to make Windsor chairs. Working with Curtis in his small chair shop gave Tim a life-changing model of how to run a small production workshop; he's been building his life around that model ever since.

Tim works out of a small workshop in Maine, producing tools, making Windsor and ladderback chairs, and continuing to obsessively carve spoons. Spoon carving is still the foundation of his woodworking and continues to provide a playground for shape, form, function, and aesthetics.

Tim collaborates with fellow Windsor chairmaker Pete Galbert in designing hand tools particularly suited to their work, and Tim has spent the last five years producing those reamers, adzes, etc., to order. The combination of their chairbuilding experience, prolific prototyping, and endless experimentation has produced a line of tools that are easy to control and intuitive to use.​

Tim is also obsessed with teaching sharpening.

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