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Darrick Sanderson

Darrick has been a lifelong lover of the woods and timber, but was only recently (five years ago) exposed to the “greenwood scene” by his then-six-year-old son Braedon. (Story to follow at the Fest if you care to ask). He feels fortunate to have since then pursued the crafts of spoon carving and pole-lathe turning, and to have attended the occasional spoon gathering. Darrick believes passionately that the pursuit of these crafts enriches and improves all aspects of life regardless of one’s current occupation.

Darrick was a smash-hit understudy when he got called up to lead demonstrations at Greenwood Fest 2016.

Jarrod Stone Dahl has observed:  “Over the 4 years Derek has been carving spoons, he's made about 1400 of them.  He's saved nearly all of them.” That's a lotta spoons, folks.

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