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Curtis Buchanan

We’re thrilled to have renowned Windsor chairmaker Curtis Buchanan joining us for Greenwood Fest 2018.


Curtis began making Windsor chairs back in the early 1980s, learning from Dave Sawyer of Vermont. Curtis’ chairs are among the best in the country and he has trained students for 30 years. Curtis is a master of the hand tools required for chairmaking, his favorites being the drawknife and froe.


Over the course of Greenwood Fest 2018, Curtis will be making on a Windsor chair he designed during his time with GreenWood, the inspiring organization that works with remote forest communities to use hand tools and ingenuity to bring sustainably harvested wooden wares to the global market. This project, which Curtis calls his “democratic” chair, requires the smallest tool kit possible while still resulting in a comfortable and attractive chair. His hands-on workshop will focus  on using the froe to its full potential.


Curtis’s website is

Photo: Jon Binzen, Fine Woodworking
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