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Greenwood Fest 

  Thanks, everyone, 

for three great Fests,


The Fest will be in recess for 2019, but meanwhile Plymouth CRAFT will offer many green woodworking opportunities.

Visit over the ensuing months as the schedule develops. We hope to see you as the fun and exploration continues.

Greenwood Fest 2018: A Walk Through The Woods

Greenwood Fest 2018: A Walk Through The Woods

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What happens at Greenwood Fest? 

Pre-fest courses

Testimonials from

Greenwood Fest Survivors

"Freaking fantastic!"

      "It was awesome! Like seeing heroes in person."


"Very moving, very fun, made me want to have children."

"The instructors are fantastic. I found them to be entirely approachable, extremely generous in sharing their knowledge, very patient answering so many questions, and energetic in conversation. They were delightful."

"I did not think I was signing up for a spiritual retreat, but came away feeling like that's what it was."

"I wanted to learn a diversity of skills and techniques from a number of different instructors, many of whom I would give my eye-teeth to work with. Mission accomplished! Now I just wish I had even more time with them!"

"Off the wall. I felt like I was on LSD. It was great." 

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